All-In-One Dental Phone System That Keeps You Connected to Patients

Discover the all-in-one communication hub designed for dental practices—it keeps you connected to patients even when you’re not connected to the office.

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Build Better Patient Connections

RevenueWell Phone eliminates communication roadblocks and helps you build a better connection with patients. PMS integration drives powerful features like Screen Pop, which delivers instant on-screen access to relevant data whenever a patient calls and allows your staff to provide fast answers, quality service and a more personal touch.

Navigate Smart Technology with Ease

With 100+ powerful features, RevenueWell Phone can be customized to best suit your front desk team and daily operations. But don’t assume that powerful means complicated. The system’s simple, easy-to-use interface allows for quick adoption, but you’ll still have access to on-demand support from a top-notch service team.

Keep All Communications in One Place

Your new cloud-based VoIP system integrates phone, two-way text, fax, email and even video conferencing, and ties it all back to your existing practice number. Plus, the available mobile app lets you manage your practice phone from anywhere—so you can make and receive calls on the go and update settings on the fly.

Unleash your full potential with the phone system
made just for dental practices.

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Powerful features to move the conversation forward.

Screen Pop

Provides a desktop pop-up window with critical data during incoming patient calls so staff can easily engage in a conversation that drives scheduling.

Two-Way Texting

Send reminders, request forms, and continue important conversations via text message from your desktop application or mobile device.

PMS Integration

Easily see visit history, recommended treatments, outstanding balances, family members and more with a phone system that plugs directly into your PMS.

Mobile Application

Never miss a call! Use your mobile device to update settings, manage voicemail and return calls while remaining tied to your practice number.

Custom Schedules

Automatically route calls based on office hours, holidays, and special events by customizing (and updating as often as you choose) your PBX settings.

Custom Call Trees

Route your patients to the right person on the first attempt without bogging down or distracting your front office team.

Virtual Fax

Streamline fax transmissions and minimize paper waste by sending and receiving any fax via email.

Call Monitoring Tools

Monitoring and recording patient calls can help you better understand patient needs while also providing a chance to coach team members on their phone skills.

Configurable Hold Music

Don’t waste an opportunity to engage patients! Give callers a variety of listening options, such as marketing messages, special promos, and referral programs.

Online Voicemail

Listen to, delete, save, or forward fully transcribed voicemail messages directly from your email inbox or mobile device.

User Management

Easily add and delete users within your system, specify team roles and hierarchies, and customize who has access to certain features and functionalities.

Call History

Missed the last three patient calls? Call history lets you see who called and when and, if the call came from an existing patient, you can view relevant patient details.


Phones to Fit
Your Needs

Whether you’re a small, single-provider practice or a multi-location dental service organization, RevenueWell Phone offers a hardware option to best suit your needs. During your demo, ask your representative which option would be the perfect phone for your operation.

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Advanced Communication Made
Simple, Powerful & Affordable

Transition with Ease

You don’t have time for complicated installs and lengthy adoption periods, and we know it. That’s why our customer support team manages your phone line transfer and platform setup completely in the background while training you and your team on how to quickly navigate and fully utilize the new system.


Drive Immediate Results

In addition to integrating with your PMS, RevenueWell Phone also integrates with RevenueWell Marketing Platform and Forms, which means you can capitalize on a truly consolidated and unified communication solution. This means your team is better equipped to move a patient from the phone into a chair.


Save Time & Money

Don’t sacrifice operational efficiency and profit to a landline or a complicated software that wasn’t built for you. Enjoy RevenueWell Phone’s feature-rich VoIP experience for less than the cost of a traditional phone system and capitalize on a platform that was designed to drive dental practice growth.



Real-Time Messaging

Staying in touch is now faster and easier than ever! Send messages and respond to patients in real-time right from your computer. When you sign up for a new RevenueWell Phone service, you’ll receive RevenueWell Messenger as a value-add so you can deliver a more seamless communication experience for your patients.

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