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Forget confirmations and reminder tools. Discover our customizable DSO Marketing & Patient Communication software suite that can transform your central operations and drive growth for your group practice or DSO.

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Designed for the way you work.

RevenueWell Enterprise gives group practices and dental service organizations the flexibility to manage every practice location as easily and effectively as a single office. With a dynamic platform of services and integrated technologies, we offer the means to streamline disparate communication between practices, engage patients throughout their oral care journey, and maximize organizational efficiency across the entire business.

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Can you bridge the gap?

Group practices and DSOs are often challenged by a lack of consistent, direct communication between central offices, regional managers and individual practices. This disconnect can mean individual practices operate according to their own preferences and standards, resulting in inconsistent, unreliable, and confusing messaging that can frustrate patients and ultimately lead to higher attrition rates.

But RevenueWell’s DSO patient communication software solutions can help you remove communication barriers and establish holistic visibility and control across your organization.

RevenueWell’s Dental Service Organizations (DSO) patient communication software solutions
  • Establish custom access to and control over PRM system functionalities and user settings.
  • Leverage standard operating procedures across all locations or select offices only.
  • Ensure every practice has what it needs to maintain high patient volume
  • Choose whether to take a centralized or decentralized approach to brand voice and image.
  • Segment and tag locations to better organize and manage targeted communications.
  • Personalize patient experiences and portal access that is consistent with each location.
  • DSO marketing and patient communication software to help you grow your dental practice

    Take control of your growth.

    At RevenueWell, we believe that software is merely a tool, but success is a partner. So, in addition to delivering the right tools and technologies for your organization, our Customer Success team works with you one-on-one to explore growth initiatives, strategize best practices, and empower those who will put your approved plans into action.

    Once your plans and platform are in place, our customizable central user interface means your chief officers, regional managers and practice leaders are better positioned to nurture the patient care journey, drive reactivation and case acceptance, and contribute to sustainable growth. It also means you have incredible flexibility for implementing and managing the business model that best suits your overall growth goals and practice network.

    For marketing teams:

    • Ensure a cohesive and consistent marketing strategy is in play across all practices.
    • Accommodate a centralized or decentralized approach to brand application.
    • Create custom, automated campaigns that can be deployed for any location.
    • Track marketing ROI across all tactics and locations from a single dashboard.
    • Make universal and/or targeted campaign changes on the fly.

    For operations teams:

    • Retain full control over all user permissions.
    • Choose who will be empowered to take actions within the marketing platform.
    • Ensure sensitive and protected data is accessed only by approved staff.
    • Confidently implement approved SOPs through a centrally managed platform.
    • Empower practice staff to deliver personalized, high-touch patient care.

    You know best how to manage your dental business.

    RevenueWell’s DSO dental marketing software and patient communication solutions give you the freedom to customize your marketing and operations. Centralize your controls to let a single team or individual manage all initiatives, or empower your regional managers and practice leaders to take the reins in their respective locations. Either way, you can give key players the flexibility to:

    Customize your marketing and operations with RevenueWell’s DSO marketing and patient communication software
  • Automate key operations & outreach tasks to focus more directly on patient connection.
  • Deploy approved campaigns and social tactics for their patient audience.
  • Customize call trees and routing schedules for their office and individual users.
  • Minimize transcription errors with digital forms that sync to their individual PMS.
  • Drive case acceptance and patient retention with advanced communications targeting.
  • Drive case acceptance and patient retention with advanced communications targeting.

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    Strategizing the Right Solutions

    As a trusted growth partner to more than 8,000 U.S. dental offices and organizations, we have the insight to help you select and optimize your marketing and operations tech stack and pave the way for consistent patient experiences, streamlined operations, and profitable growth.

    RevenueWell’s dental marketing software and all-in-one dental marketing platform

    Build and maintain powerful patient connections while improving operational efficiency with the RevenueWell Marketing Platform. This flagship product saves time and makes dental teams more productive by automating scheduling, recall campaigns, treatment plan follow-ups, payment collection and more.

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    RevenueWell’s dental electronic forms and paperless dental new patient forms

    Simplify patient intake and streamline secure, integrated operations with RevenueWell Forms. Our digital forms solution reduces no-shows by enabling patients to fill out their info prior to appointments while simultaneously speeding up check-ins and saving money on paper costs.

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    RevenueWell’s dental phone systems and dental office voip phone services

    Eliminate communication roadblocks with RevenueWell Phone, a feature-rich VoIP experience that costs less than a traditional phone system and drives every conversation toward action. With 100+ powerful features, the system can be customized to suit individual front desk teams and streamline their daily operations.

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    Capitalize on the power of integration

    Every RevenueWell Enterprise technology can integrate with your existing practice management system (PMS). Integration drives key aspects of the RevenueWell platform, including scheduling, Screen Pop, campaign targeting, and more.

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