ADA TV: Dental Education Videos for Waiting Rooms

ADA TV transforms your waiting room with educational content for your patients.

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Plug-and-play patient inspiration

ADA TV is a portable computer stick that you plug into your HDTV to showcase your content. Deliver engaging content based on your practice goals and what will provide the most value to your patients. Give patients confidence and help them feel more prepared for their appointments.


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Choose your content

Compile a list of content you want to broadcast to patients.


Plug in and go

Plug the computer stick into your HDTV, select your WiFi network, and press play.

Watch these videos to learn more about ADA TV.

Your waiting room has untapped potential. Make the most of that space and let time fly by streaming curated content with ADA TV.

What can ADA do for you?

Foster productive conversations between the dentist and patient
Build interest around treatments and procedures
Put patients at ease with informative content
Reduce perceived waiting
room time
Facilitate treatment planning and increase case acceptance
Improve patient satisfaction

Reach your practice goals with Consult Mode

Patient education doesn’t stop in the waiting room. Continue a conversation or spark treatment interest chairside with Consult Mode. Integrated with your ADA TV, you can use Consult Mode to present visuals and other dynamic content to easily explain treatments or diagnosis.

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What content comes with ADA TV?

Time flies with the right content. Whether it’s informative, educational, promotional, or even entertaining, you can easily create a content playlist that’s keeps patients engaged. Here's a sample of what topics you can share.


I use it (ADA TV) to advertise services that people may not otherwise know I do, like implants or whitening. It’s paid for itself many times over.

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Time flies with the right content. Turn your waiting room into more opportunities to engage with patients and empower them with knowledge.

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