Dental Reputation Management

With 4 out of 5 consumers saying they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, your online reputation can be a huge enabler to the growth of your practice. RevenueWell taps your existing base of satisfied patients to help bolster your online presence and make your office stand out.

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Reputation Monitoring

The first step to building a great online reputation is knowing where you stand in the public eye. To help you with this, RevenueWell continuously monitors major search engines for new reviews that people write for your office. This way, you can thank your patients for the good reviews, have the first opportunity to respond to the bad ones, and even direct patients to leave more testimonials on websites where you need some help.

Automatic Review Collection

If you want more online reviews, all you have to do is ask your patients for them! RevenueWell makes this easy by automatically texting or emailing patients after their appointment and prompting them to rate their experience at the office. Depending on your settings, the patient may be asked to fill out a quick survey or leave an online review, both giving you valuable feedback and building your online reputation.

Website and Facebook Integration

RevenueWell also makes it easy to stream your patients’ feedback to other online destinations where prospective patients might find it useful. The Patient Reviews Facebook app makes it easy for visitors to view other patients’ testimonials and request an appointment on the spot. Likewise, our website widget lets you incorporate real-time customer reviews right into your existing website, helping you convert more visitors into new patients for your office.

SEO Optimized Practice Microsite

When a patient writes their review on Patient Connect 365, it is featured on your own SEO-optimized microsite alongside details about your practice, services you perform, your promotions, and information about your team. Because this destination is indexed by search engines like Google and is structured to highlight your patient feedback, it really helps your office stand out online — and convert more online visitors into patients for your practice.

Review Replies

While RevenueWell automatically collects patient feedback and with no effort from you, it also lets you participate in the conversation when you feel like it. Thanking a patient for their kind words or publicly addressing a patient complaint shows that your team appreciates the feedback and is looking to make every experience better than the last.

Search Engine Posting

When a patient agrees to write an online review, you can give them a choice of doing so on RevenueWell’s own Patient Connect 365 — or picking a search engine that they know and love. “Native” reviews (reviews that are left with search engines like Yelp or Google) often carry more weight than third-party reviews, so getting more of those should be an important part of your reputation management efforts.

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