Dental Appointment Reminders

RevenueWell is much more than an appointment reminder and confirmation system. Yet we realize that communicating to patients about their appointments is one of the highest-value activities to automate. RevenueWell meets this challenge in spades, letting you configure an intelligent, automatic communication for every part of the appointment lifecycle.

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Online Appointment Request

As simple as it sounds, giving patients a way to request their appointments from your emails, on your website, or your social media page has a major impact on your patient flow. New patients have little reason to move to the next doctor on the list when they’re looking for a provider after-hours. Letting existing patients immediately request an appointment from your recall reminder or a promotional campaign greatly increases the effectiveness of your message.

Advanced Scheduling Options

From the long-range postcard reminder to the same-day appointment reminder sent just hours before their visit, RevenueWell lets you time each appointment-related message. This maximizes the convenience for the patient and effectiveness for your front desk staff. Want to send reminders for Monday appointments on a Thursday? No problem. Want to avoid communicating to patients over the weekend? We’ll send these reminders on a Friday instead. RevenueWell will fall right into your existing process instead of making you adjust to somebody else’s.

Family Messaging

When you schedule multiple family members to come in on the same day, RevenueWell picks that up and confirms everybody with a single email, text message, or phone call to the responsible party. This even works for postcard appointment reminders and save-the-date messages — letting the mom or dad quickly add every appointment to their mobile device.

Practice Management System Sync

The best part about RevenueWell’s appointment confirmation features is that they run completely in the background — updating your practice management software throughout the day as patients confirm. This way, you have a complete, real-time picture of your schedule without having to go back and forth between the two systems.

ASAP List Notifications

Despite everyone’s best intentions, last-minute cancellations happen. When they do, RevenueWell helps your team fill these appointments with patients pulled from your practice software’s ASAP list. You can send a quick phone call or text message with just a few clicks — and keep your schedule full.

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