Dental Patient Portal

RevenueWell’s Patient Portal gives your patients the same level of convenience in dealing with their dentist as they have with their credit cards, their utilities, or their cable company. Your office can configure what features and information is available for patients to access, enabling you to match the portal’s functionality to your front desk needs.

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Appointment and Treatment History

Depending on your settings, patients can access complete appointment and treatment histories for themselves and any dependents on their account. If one of the family members is overdue for their hygiene visit, they will be urged to request an appointment on the spot. RevenueWell follows HIPAA guidelines and only shows dependent information to responsible parties until dependents reach the age of 18.

Secure, HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing

RevenueWell finally gives doctors and patients a secure and convenient way to share files like X-rays, treatment plan presentations, and financial documents. With the patient portal, new patients can quickly upload any files they have from a previous provider, and you can securely send them all the information they need for a visit to a specialist. There’s no limit to how many files your practice can host, helping you save money and stay in full HIPAA compliance.

Financials and Payments

The patient portal lets patients easily view and print detailed transaction histories for all patients on their account, which is extremely useful for end-of-year FSA reporting and answering their everyday account questions. What’s more, putting a link to the patient portal on your mailed statements gives patients the ability to make online payments and can drastically accelerate your cash cycle.

Practice Forms and Documents

If you have forms, policies, or financial applications that you want accessible by all active patients, you can upload them to the patient portal as well. This way, you don’t have to host your practice’s sensitive documents on your public website. You have a way to easily update them without the help of your web developer.

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