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Keeping patients educated and engaged with your office can mean a lot of content development, graphic design, vendor management, and guesswork on each project’s effectiveness. Or you could just get RevenueWell.

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100+ of Predesigned Campaigns

RevenueWell’s campaign library includes over 100 prebuilt campaigns on topics like preventative dentistry, orthodontics, dental appliances, and cosmetic dentistry. Each campaign features professionally developed artwork, engaging content, and, when appropriate, a sample deal or promotion to encourage a quick response. You can customize these campaigns as much as you want — or send them as is and watch appointment requests pour in.

Ready-To-Go Monthly Newsletters

Even for the die-hard marketers, leading with a lighter touch focused on patient education will be a good idea once in a while. You’ll be happy to know that RevenueWell produces two monthly newsletters for our customers every month: one for pediatric patients and one geared toward adults. With articles ranging from explanation of dental conditions to lifestyle pieces around healthy eating and practical oral health habits, these newsletters have something for every patient to enjoy.

Advanced Targeting

Any campaign or newsletter you send can be finely targeted to a specific subset of your patients. This can help your message really hit home — or save you money on postage if your campaign includes a direct mail component. After all, 12-year-olds are bad candidates for denture newsletters , 75-year-olds aren’t your best audience for a “Back to School” fluoride promotion, and end-of-year insurance letters are best sent to people who actually have insurance coverage.

Text Message Campaigns & Promotions

If you want to send a quick-response campaign (like a last-minute whitening special) or want to increase the reach of your email announcement, consider sending a mass text message to patients in your target group. Patients check their text messages much more frequently than emails, making this medium an ideal fit for many situations.

Custom Campaign Designer

Even though RevenueWell provides years worth of prebuilt content, many of our customers still opt to start from scratch. Be it an open house announcement, an introduction of a new associate or a custom seasonal newsletter, RevenueWell gives you the tools to make every campaign look like a million bucks.

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