Automated Dental Patient Communication

As a patient communication system that’s built specifically for dental offices, RevenueWell can reach more patients, in more ways, and at a lower cost than generic solutions. We know your front desk processes, your practice management software limitations, and your patients’ preferences — which helps us continuously provide the best experience to both your patients and your team.

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Postcards / Letters

A typical dental practice only has email addresses on file for 30% of its patients. While RevenueWell helps our customers capture and verify more of this contact information, it can also send most messages via postal mail instead. This ranges from 4×6 postcards for recalls and appointment reminders to larger 6×9 pieces for promotional campaigns to sealed envelope letters for HIPAA-compliant communications.

Automated Phone Calls

When you need to reach a patient in real time, but don’t have their email address on file, a good ol’ phone call may be the best option. RevenueWell’s automated phone call feature sounds great, includes a professional recording of your office’s name, and has a natural voice name database of over 2,000 common patient names.

Cell Phone Number Detection

We know that when a patient gives you their cell phone number, it doesn’t always end up in the appropriate field of your practice management software. That’s why RevenueWell can look for cell phone numbers anywhere in your patients’ profiles — and use them to send convenient appointment reminders, recall notifications, and even treatment plan follow-ups!

Share Contact Info For Dependents

Are you a pediatric practice or just happen to have a lot of kids as patients? Chances are, you don’t have their profiles filled out with all of their parents’ contact info. Not to worry! Anytime RevenueWell sees that a child is missing a phone number or an email address, it can look for this information in the responsible party’s profile.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Have you ever used your personal cell phone to text a patient? It’s inconvenient, potentially unsecure, and there’s never a good history of these interactions to call upon. RevenueWell lets you text message back and forth with your patients all you want, right from your dashboard! You can hold several chats at the same time, and all the history is conveniently saved in the patient’s profile.

Complete Customization

We know every one of our customers is unique — so all the features above are configurable to meet your specific needs. We’ll give you all the training & support you want, and you get to decide when to turn a feature or a communication on or off.

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Dental offices that use RevenueWell see an average annual revenue increase of $73,000. See what it can do for you.

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